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Welcome to Kucinta Birmans.

Kucinta is the name of the mascot in Singapore, and means the ‘Love Cat’.

My cats live in the house and are on roster with those in their carpeted kennels. The stud has his own pad. Kittens are reared underfoot to ensure they are social little fellows. I have been breeding since the year 2000 and my preference is the seal point, which appears to be the original colour. Other colours are often available.

I am an accountant (run off my feet), and the cats are my special hobby. I live in the bush, surrounded by State Forest on three sides and World Heritage Wildlife Park at the back in the beautiful Highland Country of Tasmania, not too far from Deloraine and Launceston. It is a beautiful property with lots of wildlife, scrub and rock escarpments. No bungie jumping cats though!

The cattery surrounds the house as a double glazed, glass enclosed verandah, and cats have access through the dining room door on rotation. They are not allowed outside to upset the birds, nor the snakes that live further out. I take them for walks on leads sometimes.

All kittens are reared in our house as members of the family. When the kittens leave home to bond with their new family, they will be 10 weeks old, desexed, weaned, vaccinated, vet checked (and these days also microchipped). They arrive healthy, litter trained, and with a written guarantee.

Birmans will move into your family and life without any problems. They will even get to love the dog – just ask Jessie (Shepherd) and Hamish (the West Highland)!

Kucinta Birman Colours

These beautiful cats come in 8 Standard Colours and can adopt combinations of those colours.  Kittens are born white and it takes a few weeks for the colouring to start to appear. It's always an exciting time for owners to see what colouring each little fur baby has been blessed with.


Seal Point

Blue Point

Chocolate Point

Lilac Point

Red Point

Cream Point

Tortie Point

Tabby Point

Combination Kucinta Birman Colour Example

Tabby + Tortie = Torbie


Kucinta Birmans Show Cats

Anakin 2006 Winner

Artemis Winner 2017

Ferdinand 2nd 2017

Merlin Winner 2008

Shere Khan

Artemis' Awards

Winning Kittens

Judging Ferdi

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